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Experimental stage
Anatoly Praudin`s Experimental Stage Theatre

In 1999, a group of actors sharing the artistic-aesthetic program of Anatoly Praudin left the Young Audience Theatre, what resulted in founding an independent artistic company, the Experimental Stage.  The troupe took refuge under the roof of the Baltic House Theatre-Festival.  Now the company consists of nine actors – I. Sokolova, N. Ivanov, A. Kabanov, Yu. Elagin, V. Baranov, S. Andreichuk, S. Zanin, A. Emintseva and M. Loskutnikova.  Among guest-actors are V. Dyachenko, A. Borisov, A. Barabash, M. Briskin, A. Shpyniov, O. Belinskaya, N. Vinogradova, Ya. Petrov, K. Markin and other actors.  A. Praudin’s crew is united not only with common artistic goals, but the theatre school.  The majority of actors of the Experimental Stage are former students of well-known theatre pedagogue and director Zinoviy Korogodskiy.

Performances of the Experimental Stage are laureates and nominees for the Golden Batten [Zolotoi Sofit] St. Petersburg highest theatre prize, participants in prestigious international theatre festivals which took place in Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities), Estonia (Tallinn), Germany (Berlin, Stuttgart), Holland (Zaandam), Ireland (Cork), Portugal (Palmela).  The company performed on tour in Israel, Germany, and Netherlands. 

Creative method of Anatoly Praudin is based on combination of two leading theatre systems – Stanislavsky and Meyerhold.  On one hand it is a long joint work of the troupe and art-production team from the very first day of making the performance, which as a rule, includes an artistic expedition.  Thus, for instance, at the beginning of the work at the performance Dowerless Girl the company organized the expedition to the Volga, to the places connected with life and creative activities of Russian dramatist A. Ostrovsky.  Rehearsals of the performance Tsar Рjotr started in Dutch city of Zaandam, where the Russian Tsar once built ships.  Such a method helps the actors to develop psychologically exact, absolute and rich existence in the role.  On the other hand, Praudin is an adherent of bright, often avant-garde theatre form.  Often his heroes live in a relative theatre space.  Theatre language of A. Praudin’s performances is international and can be understood without translation.

Productions of the Experimental Stage Theatre:
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