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"Baltic House" International Theatre Festival
About festival

The BALTIC HOUSE International Theatre Festival is one of the most significant and prestigious theatre forums in Europe.

Founders of the Festival: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Culture Committee of St. Petersburg, Foreign Relations Committee of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Division of the Theatre Workers Union of the Russian Federation (All-Russian Theatre Association), BALTIC INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL CENTER Foundation, BALTIC HOUSE Theatre-Festival.

Organized since 1991, in October. 

Venues – all scenic areas in the BALTIC HOUSE Theatre-Festival, as well as stages of St. Petersburg theatres

According to experts the BALTIC HOUSE Festival today is included in the highest group of international theatre festivals along with Edinburgh Festival and Avignon Festival.

Leading Russian mass media give following responses about the Festival:

“Main theatre festival in St. Petersburg and one of the most well-known forums in Europe.  The Baltic house is the best what has happened in theatre St. Petersburg since the 1990’s.” (Kommersant)

“The BALTIC HOUSE not only made window onto theatre Europe, but now opens the door wide for everybody who wants to be friends with theatre Russia.” (Tribuna)

“The Festival succeeded in shifting tectonic lumps of inertia and disconnection having made common theatre territory for countries of the Baltic Sea region.” (Infox.ru)

More than 125 theatres from 33 countries participated in the Festival for all its history.  The BALTIC HOUSE became an integral part not only for St. Petersburg, but European culture life.

Famed Europеan stage directors presented their works here.  Among them are J.-P. Vincent, K. Ginkas, L. Dodin, O. Koršunovas, Yu. Lyubimov,  K. Lupa, Ch. Marthaler, E. Nuganen, E. Nekrošius, T. Ostermeier, L. Perceval, S. Purcarete, R. Sturua, K. Smeds, R. Tuminas, V. Fokin, A. Hermanis, Ivo van Hove, G. Jarzyna, J. Jarocki and others. 

Thanking to the Festival leading theatres from the Baltic region got a new impulse for its development and became widely known outside of their homeland.

In addition, in the frame-work of the Festival joint projects with European theatre companies are realized, as well.  Among performances staged as a co-production there are performances by director Eimuntas Nekrosius and MENO FORTAS Theatre (Lithuania), Metastasio Theatre (Italy), Open Theatre (Norway).

History of the BALTIC HOUSE Festival is a chronicle of modern European and Russian theatre including all tendencies of its development.

The BALTIC HOUSE is not only an authoritative theatre art festival, but real culture institution which initiates many projects in the sphere of theatre.  Due to the BALTIC HOUSE, The Festival of the Union des Théâtres de l'Europe was held in 2003, and the ceremony of presenting the Europe Theatre Prize was realized in 2011.  Both – for the first time in Russia.

Since 2011, the Festival presents the future of theatre art in a special program Theatre Fresh which includes student performances from the leading theatre academies of the world.  In 2014, the First Student Theatre Games took place in St. Petersburg.

The Festival contributed to production of several performances realized by so well-known directors as Luk Perceval (Germany) and Silviu Purkarete (Rumania) on the Russian stage.

The Festival continually extends its geography, and now presents not only theatres of the Baltic region, but Italy, Hungary, China and other countries.

The Festival program always includes different workshops conducted by leading European actors and directors, international conferences with participation of specialists in the sphere of theatre from many theatres.

Every year the Festival performances and its projects are much covered in mass media: a lot of publications in press, TV scenes and reports.

The Festival also acquired own audiences which advanced together with it, learned to grasp everything new and the best in theatre art.  And this is the main achievement of the past years.

The BALTIC HOUSE Theatre-Festival is a large-scale forum which presents the most complete picture of European theatre life for professional community and the audiences.