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Festivals and projects

Baltic International Festival Center:
Foundation for Promotion the Culture Programs Development 

The Center  is a constant many-years partner of the Baltic House Festival in organization of  international and city projects. Founded in August 1995, on the basis of the annual (since 1991) Baltic House International Theatre Festival.

  • Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg
  • St. Petersburg branch of Theatre Union of Russia 
  • Baltic House Theatre-Festival
  • Baltiisky bank

Member of the IETM since 1998. 
Partner of the UBC since 2006.

Activities of Baltic International Festival Center 

  • International theatre festivals: 
Baltic House   
Meetings in Russia 
Monocle (Festival of Mono-Performances)  
Baltic Cities Festival (Culture Capitals of the Baltic region)

  • Organization of different tours
  • Culture exchange with European countries
  • International seminars, conferences, workshops
  • Organization of city festivals, holidays and other culture events
  • Data bank on drama, folk, vocal and dance companies

Baltic International Festival Center
#4, Aleksandrovsky Park, 
St. Petersburg, 
197198, Russia
Phone/Fax  +7 812 232 9380  

Thanks for support:

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Ministry for Foreign Affaires of the Russian Federation
Legislative Assembly of St.Petersburg
St.Petersburg branch of Theatre Union of Russia
Commitee for Culture of St.Petersburg
Committee for External Relations of St.Petersburg