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Baltic House Theatre-Festival

Baltic House Theatre-Festival is located in the historical center of St.Petersburg, near Peter and Paul Fortress - birthplace of the city. The Theatre incorporates two stages (Big stage for 873 seats and Small stage for 122 seats), as well as a number of non-traditional scenic spaces, rooms for rehearsals and exhibition halls. Infrastructure of the Theatre and its qualified personnel allow realization of various cultural events on a high international level.

Biography of the Baltic House Theatre-Festival started in 1936, when the Lenininist Komsomol State Theatre was founded in Leningrad. From the very beginning it became a laboratory of modern theatre art and dramaturgy. Famed stage directors, such as V. Kozhich, M. Chezhegov, G. Tovstonogov, P. Khomsky, R. Bykov, G. Oporkov, K. Ginkas, G. Yanovskaya, those who glorified the Russian theatre, worked here for its 80-year history.

In the 1990s, the theatre became a base for the Baltic House International Theatre Festival, and thus acquired the same name. The Baltic House Theatre-Festival is a unique creative structure, which is without parallel not only in St. Petersburg but also in other Russian cities. Production of own performances is well combined here with successful international activities directed towards the constant culture cooperation with the countries of the Baltic Sea region.

Directors of different generations and theatre schools constantly collaborate with the Theatre. Among them are Henryk Baranowski (Poland), Riccardo Sottili (Italy), Jonas Vaitkus (Lithuania), Andriy Zholdak (Ukraine), Andrey Moguchiy and Igor Koniaev (Russia).

Art companies of different trends, to include the Formal Theatre of Andrey Moguchiy, Farces Theatre of Viktor Kramer, Experimental Stage headed by Anatoly Praudin, Takoi Theatre of Alexander Bargman and others, have always worked and still work now under the roof of the Baltic House Theatre-Festival.

The Theatre's repertoire boasts classical and modern plays.

The Baltic International Festival Center - the Foundation for Promotion the Culture Programs Development, is a constant partner of the Baltic House Theatre-Festival in organizing international theatre festivals to include the Baltic House, Meetings in Russia Festival of Russian Theatres in Baltic Countries and CIS, Monocle Monodrama Festival, Balkan Theatre Space and the Baltic cities festival. International projects, such as presenting the Baltic Star Award for Developing and Consolidating Humanitarian Relations in Countries of the Baltic Region, Modern Baltic Drama, arranging the Days of St. Petersburg Culture in foreign countries, scholar conferences, workshops of leading European theatre directors are within the field of interests of the Baltic House.